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Positive Energy Working, For Removing Negativity, Protection, Peace, Purification, Blessing, Healing, Growth, Fertility


Product Description

This listing is for one male or female white figural candle spell service, performed for you, and will be completely tailored to your specific need, goal, and situation. Whether you need blessing, healing, cleansing & purification, or just a lot of positive energy sent your way, this working can help you.  I can also customize the working to cover a multitude of other issues such as physical, emotional, or spiritual healing, protection, rejuvination if you just need a spiritual recharge, or to just cleanse away all the negativity and promote well-being, positivity, honesty, forgiveness, or release from the past so you can move forward to being your best you. This can also be tailored to protect you from psychic vampires, those people who will draw all your energy (unknowingly or on purpose) and drain you dry spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.  This service can also be customized to help you with problems of infertility or to bless your body and promote fertility.

This service can cover many different aspects of your life. Physical or emotional healing, removing negativity from your life or anything that is preventing your success or well-being.   It can also help with depression, or any emotional issue that is bogging you down and keeping you from being at your best.  It can also help when you're in a situation that you feel there is no way out of and you're just not making any progress in a posiive direction.  The negativity in our own lives, whether it comes from yourself (worry, anxiety, stress), or others (psychic vampires that will suck you emotionally dry, or having to work with very demanding or needy people, or just general negativity from others around you can cling to you and affect your own life in big ways.  Sometimes, we are also in places or situations where we have to be around negativity (from our own families, or in a hospital or nursing home where negative energy is abundant) and that negativity will grab onto you and be very hard to shake off. It can then snowball from there and lead to your own issues that affect your well-being, your atmosphere in your home, your relationships with others, the way you act, the way you physically feel, and the way you think. Becoming crossed doesn't always have to mean that someone has put a jinx on you. It can happen all by itself, or sometimes we can cross ourselves without even knowing it or meaning to by not taking time to deal with the negativity and just letting it grow.  So, this can be a purification service. 


I understand the need for privacy, and that sometimes it just isn't quite convenient for some folks to do spellwork in their own home, either because of time or they need to be discreet because they don't want family or friends knowing their business. And that is perfectly understandable.

After all, there are just times when you don't want folks to know what you're up to, and sometimes people can have a way of accidently stumbling upon something that's meant to be kept secret or just like to put their noses in other folk's business.

If there are other factors involved or other complications, more ingredients or additional spellwork may be required. This is not always the case, but I will give my recommendations or suggestions when asked. Often, situations need more than just one spell to address multiple issues or complex situations. Magick isn't always black and white and there often is not just one easy fix or solution. To think so is just to put a temporary band-aid on the problem without getting to the root of the issue. For example, an onion has many layers and they have to be peeled away. Or, like a gemstone, there are many facets and sides to be looked at from different angles.

What I will need from you: The name and photo and DOB of the person you intend for the spell. If you do not have this, it is OK, and I will just use their name and date of birth if you have them. The more information, the stronger the spell. Also, if you wish to provide details of the situation so that I know what formulas (herbs, roots, oils, and powders) to use, that would be very helpful.   If you wish to write a petition for me to use with the working, I will be happy to use it.  If you will find the Client Service Agreement / Information Sheet listed in the Forms and Documents secion of this website, I would greatly appreciate if you would complete it and return to me upon purchase.

Some clients wish to mail me personal effects from each person such as hair, nail clippings, or a small snipped piece of their clothing or tag from their clothing, or some such personal thing that the person owned or touched. Or a sample of handwriting. If you wish to do this, I can certainly work with you on a case by case basis and would be happy to do so.

You will receive a detailed report in a Word Document or PDF (Adobe) sent to you via email, chronicling the whole process as well as the explanation of the components/ingredients, plus photos of each step. What I do is I print a sheet with the names of the persons involved, photos, list of personal concerns used if any, and any petition included by the client. All of the preparation work and photos take place upon this paper that I print (which is also the same document I will email to you upon completion) so that you are assured that the photos taken are of your spell being assembled and performed.  I also provide complete interpretation of the divination signs of the candle, including wax flow, smoke, and flame patterns and signs. This is often helpful in determining how the spell will manifest. All outcomes are up to the Spirits, not any practitioner. I merely honor and work with the Spirits on your behalf. My work includes altar set-up, candle preparation including inscribing, loading, dressing, and blessing, along with prayers and offerings, and candle divination and interpretation on an individual basis. All photos are examples, and your service will be completely customized to your specific situation, no two are ever exactly the same, although similar.

I respect your privacy and your feelings and the seriousness of your situation and take it personally. Your desire and your happiness with my service is important to me. As a serious rootworker, I always do the best I can for my clients and take pride in my work. Quality work does take time and care.

You may send your information to me after purchase at barefootwitcheryshoppe@yahoo.com

This item is listed as a physical item, but please be aware it is a spell / ritual service.  What you will receive is a document emailed to you with the photos of your spell being performed after it is completed.

 Please read my complete Shop Policies and FAQ's page before purchase, and by purchasing you are stating you are in agreement to those.

You can send your information for your spellwork to barefootwitcheryshoppe@yahoo.com after purchase.


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