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Practical Maintenance, Spiritual Cleansing, Road Opening, Peace, Prosperity


Product Description

This package of services is not eligible for discounts, coupon codes, or Conjure Coins because it is set at an already-discounted price. Thank you.

I put together this package of 4 Workings for you as a Practical Maintenance system to bring overall improvement to your life by addressing 4 important aspects of life we all experience.  First, it starts with a Spiritual Purification and Cleansing. This is important to clear away any negative energy from yourself, your home, your family, or your overall life in general. Second, a Road Opener is for clearing all obstacles from your path and opening the way for success. Then we also do a service for health & peace in your life, as well as a separate working to help bring the flow of prosperity and abundance your way. 

1. Over time, negative energies can build up, whether they come from someone or something else, or are inadvertently created by ourselves. Negative energy likes to cling where it won't be disturbed, so the first thing we're going to do is disturb and clean out the negative energy where it lurks. Our own worries, fears, and anxieties can be a breeding ground for negative energy, creating and multiplying problems. 

2. If you're feeling stuck, like things are just continually going wrong, or you're blocked at every turn, turn to Papa Legba. The second phase of this maintenance I perform for you is a Road Opening and Blockbuster working, to eliminate the obstacles and open the way for success.

3. We all need to think about our spiritual peace, peace in our homes, and need a little more peace and healing in our lives. The third phase of this maintenance is for healing peace, and protection for you, your home, your family, and your life in general.

4. There are many things that can block the flow of financial prosperity and abundance. Sometimes, it's one thing after another, either people owing us money, trouble finding or keeping  a job, business has slacked off, bills are getting more expensive, unexpected car repairs, etc.  It's always something. So, the final phase of this maintenance is to help draw financial prosperity to you, unblock your flow of resources, open new opportunities, and help you hang on to the money you have and to increase it.

These will all be customized to your unique situation, so please provide me with as much information as possible when ordering.

The complete time frame for this Practical Maintenance workings package is 7-8 days. Each of the 4 services take anywhere from 1-2 days to complete, each, and are done one at a time, in the particular order I've outlined above. 

The photos shown here are examples, yours may contain different or additional items, depending on your particular situation, need, or goal. Please give me as much information as possible upon ordering, so that I know how to customize the working especially for you for greater effectiveness. I will need the names, dates of birth, and photos of all persons involved.  If your working involves a home or business, a good idea is to send me a photo of the building, a business card, or something that identifies it as an entity.  This working can be helpful in supporting and building a foundation for other workings to succeed, as well.


You will receive the report of your work in a PDF document containing photos of your working along with complete interpretation according to the divination signs of your candles once the workings are complete.

Please complete the Client Service Agreement and send to me as quickly as possible after purchase. It can be found in the Forms & Documents section of this website.

You can email me your information after purchase to barefootwitcheryshoppe@yahoo.com

Please be sure of your purchase beforehand, and certain of what you really want. Before purchase, please be aware that I do not offer refunds, exchanges, or free recasts or free work of any kind. My terms and conditions can be found on this website, and by purchasing you are agreeing to those. Aside from complications of a situation or obstacles, outcomes are determined by God, the Spirits, Orishas, & Loas, and by the decisions of one's free will. Hoodoo and Rootwork are a way of life, a relationship with the Spirits to enrich our lives, and tools to help us to make better decisions that can lead to more positive outcomes.

Legal Disclaimer:

Please also be 18. I cannot be responsible for outcomes of work performed on your behalf or how you use our products. all services are sold for entertainment purposes only, and all items are sold as curios. Spiritual work of any kind is no substitute for medical, psychological, or professional treatment or advice or any kind. In the event you are in any personal danger or are in harm's way, contact the proper authorities first and move to safety, then worry about Hoodoo later.

Be well, and be blessed! 

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