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Quiet Oil


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Listen, but not just with your ears. Listen to understand, not to respond. Don’t be distracted by the landscape. Close your eyes and sit still. Open your senses.  Listen past the white noise of everyday sounds, past the chatter, past the sounds of the phone and the TV.  Listen to the sounds the earth makes – the birds, the wind, the rain, the squirrels.  Then listen past all of that.  Hear the earth. Feel its energy. It is ever-growing, ever changing, ever moving. Just as we all are.  It is quiet.  It simply is.  As the earth is, just be.  And realize that you are part of it.

Quiet is not weakness, ignorance, or the inability to make the appropriate response.  It is strength, wisdom, and choosing what is important to say, rather than just making unnecessary noise.

The spoken word is what forms things into being, brings ideas into reality, manifests whether good or bad.  Be careful of your words, they can harm or heal.  Create or destroy.  Quiet is equally powerful. There is a time to speak, and a time to be quiet.

Quiet is the place where you find your inner peace.  Where you can leave the worries to the universe, knowing all will be well and the world won’t fall apart if you take a short rest.

Quiet is allowing yourself comfort, apart from chaos, or even in the midst of it.  It’s a place in a soft blanket with a cup of tea before dreams come.

Here you hear your guides; they impart wisdom, strength, and peace.

Fragrance is geranium, lavender, opium, and more.


Fine essential oils and top quality carrier oil.  Suggested use: aromatherapy. Use in oil burners or with reed diffusers. You can also use to dress candles, anoint rooms, bedding, petitions, poppets, or mojos.  Carry with you to take a sniff to help regain balance of your personal aura and re-align those chakras that are out of whack.  Wear as a fragrance, but test small area first for allergic reaction on skin.  Do not use on broken skin or wounds/cuts.  

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