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Red Snake Candle Spell Service, Temptation, Change Your Luck In Love


Product Description

This candle spell working can bring success to your love life, by twisting the odds in your favor!

The snake has been, rightfully, respected, and even feared for its ability to strike without warning. The Snake Candle invokes this terrible power and allows the user to cast a wide variety of spells, both negative and positive.

This spell features an image candle with a red snake coiling around it. This figural candle represents many meanings in ritual use, allowing the candle to be used in anything from spells of deceit to spells of protection and to spells of renewal and spells of revenge. It can also be used for spells of removal of negative feelings or love jinxes, or to twist the path of your love life to your favor. Because it is so versatile, it can be used to represent a person, a situation, a place, or bad luck or other intangible entities.

Do you feel like you're unlucky in love, or that even perhaps someone has put a jinx on you in matters of the heart? Or are you in a current relationship that you fear is about to end by breakup or divorce?  This candle can help in reconciliation matters by enhancing the positive things about your relationship, or if you would rather just move on and heal the heartache, this spell can help remove the problems or obstacles that can hinder the healing process.  Is there something blocking the path to your happiness in love matters, or does your situation seem to be a tangled mess? This can help unravel the knots and make way for the solution.

In Biblical texts, the snake is also the form that the devil used to appear to Eve in the Garden of Eden. Do you want to tempt the Fates to bring a new love into your life? This candle may help you use the power of temptation to entice someone to try your forbidden fruit. ;-)

I will dress, bless, and load this candle for you and fix it with ingredients according to your specific situation. I will then burn it upon my altar for you for 3 days, offering appropriate offerings and prayers to the spirits best suited to aid you in your particular situation.


What I will need from you: The name and photo and DOB of the person or people you intend for the spell. If you do not have this, it is OK, and I will just use their name and date of birth if you have them. The more information, the stronger the spell. Also, if you wish to provide details of the situation so that I know what formulas (herbs, roots, oils, and powders) to use, that would be very helpful.   If you wish to write a petition for me to set the candle plate upon as the candle burns, that will also greatly add to the energies of the working.

You will receive a detailed report in a Word Document sent to you via email, chronicling the whole process as well as the explanation of the components/ingredients, plus photos of each step. What I do is I print a sheet with the names of the persons involved, photos, list of personal concerns used if any, and any petition included by the client. All of the work and photos take place upon this paper that I print (which is also the same document I will email to you upon completion) so that you are assured that the photos taken are of your spell being assembled and performed.

I respect your privacy and your feelings and the seriousness of your situation and take it personally. Your desire and your happiness with my service is important to me.

You may email me your information after purchase to barefootwitcheryshoppe@yahoo.com

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red snake service


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