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Relationship 911 Oil Collection


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Our three new relationship-help formulas, in a convenient set. For when your relationship needs help, or you need help with reconciliation and returning a lover to you, or you may be looking for a new relationship. These formulas are very versatile and potent.  Relationships are much like houses - they need to either be constructed from the ground up, or otherwise remodeled and renovated. In some cases, relationships are demolished and then rebuilt from scratch. Your relationship is your house and should be your safe space. But relationships, like houses, need maintenance and TLC or they will fall into disrepair and even destruction.

  • Relationship Uncrossing oil can help if someone has outright cursed your relationship to try to prevent your reconciliation or to try to separate you from your partner. It can also help clear up indirect crossings, which come from a buildup of so much negative energy. When there are problems within a relationship, too many unfortunate words said and not enough positive words said, or things that were done or left undone, hurts left unhealed, creating an undercurrent of pain, all of that negative energy stays right there and creates a stagnant and even toxic atmosphere. Your relationship cannot heal or grow with that poison lurking beneath the surface just waiting for an opportunity to rear its ugly head. So you want to remove that negative energy and clear that crossed condition it has become. It is much like not sweeping under your bed and letting the dust bunnies accumulate. You have to clean that mess up sooner or later, or the problem will only grow.


  • Relationship Road Opener oil is perfect for opening the way for a new relationship to happen, or to give the opportunity for reconciliation.  Road Openers differ from Blockbuster in that sometimes there is not a way to be seen at all. No road, no opening, no window of opportunity. Road opening is like paving your own road and opening your own way, with the help of Papa Legba, of course. Blockbuster is for removing obstacles that are in the road that already exists, or in the path that you are currently on. Relationship Road Opener can help to give you that window of opportunity to offer or accept a new relationship with someone and give it a chance, or to help with reconciliation and returning a lover to you. Sometimes with reconciliation work, all you need is that window of opportunity and your foot in the door to be able to work on the relationship. 


  • Finally, a blockbuster oil made especially for relationship issues. Reconciliation or mending a relationship can pose its share of problems and obstacles. Other people or things can get in the way, or just too much time, life, and distance is between you. This oil is to help with busting through those obstacles and overcoming the challenges your relationship may face.

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Relationship 911 Oil Collection


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