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Seal the Deal, for Love Binding, Marry Me Now, Jump the Broom


Product Description

This working is for bonding two people together (love binding).  You have two options: If you are wanting to obtain a marriage proposal, choose the "Marry Me" option.  If you are not looking to get married as your near-future goal, then you need not choose this option.

For whichever service you choose, I will bless and prepare two candles, baptizing them to represent you and your love, as a poppet would.  I will choose the appropriate formulas, prayers, Scriptures, and other items to bless your union.


Option 1: Commitment. (Not marriage right now.)

This working is intended to bond two people together, physically and emotionally, spiritually, and in some cases geographically.  So, this can be a good working even for long-distance relationships.

I would recommend this service after a lost lover returns to you, to enhance the bond of an existing relationship, or to get that person to make a commitment to you. Often, when a lost lover returns, they may not stay for long if there are underlying issues. If this is the case, I always recommend a Love Uncrossing working first before this type of working.

I also combine Road Opening into this working, to make way for the commitment.  Coconuts are a favorite offering of Papa Legba, guardian of the Crossroads between this world and the spirit world. And this is a form of opening the way to bonding and commitment, and then sealing the bond.

I utilize two halves of a coconut, two figural candles (can be either male & female, 2 males, or 2 females), appropriate herbs and oils according to your exact situation, sweeteners, and other items. In some cases, I use honey, and in others molasses. Molasses is to be used only in specific workings in Hoodoo, because it is very, very slow. It is used most often in workings where you want to slow someone or something down, bog them down in a mire to slow or stop their actions. In rare cases, in love workings, it can be used for long term goals, not ones that you want to manifest quickly.

This working involves sealing the two halves of the coconut together once the candles are finished, combining the waxes from the two candles, and thereby "The two become one."

Option 2: For a Proposal, Engagement, Marriage.  Jumping the Broom

I reference the tradition of Jumping the Broom here because it is a very important part of cultural heritage for many people.  There is debate over where the tradition originated, but today some Europeans still incorporate jumping the broom into their wedding ceremonies, as do African-Americans as a part of honoring their ancestors and traditions.

In the days of slavery in the South, the marriage of slaves was prohibited.  Therefore, they symbolized their marriage by jumping over a broom.  Many couples still incorporate this symbolic act in their wedding ceremonies today, regardless of their cultural background, race, or gender preference.  To many, it symbolizes a love that transcends all opposition.

For this working, I will prepare and bless a small symbolic broom, adorned with white wedding ribbon and a wedding ring charm.  I also will dedicate your candle(s) and "put a ring on it".  (Placing a very small and beautifully detailed wedding ring upon the left hand, as shown in photos.)  As the candle melts, this ring becomes a part of the working, embedded in the wax as it hardens.  Additional steps to this ritual are taken to consecrate your union as a sacred bond, in this unique and beautiful working.  

 FYI, For EITHER working:

  • Although I am an ordained minister (and can legally officiate weddings in the U.S.), in no way does my performing this working for you mean that you and your love are legally married as a result.
  • No Rootwork can ensure that two people are actually meant to be together, will stay together forever, or are soul mates, or can actually build a strong link unless there is a link there to begin with.  No Rootwork, including love binding is actually permanent. These things are up to God, the Spirits, and a person's own free will.
  • You cannot force someone to love you. Nor would you want to be able to.
  • I do not recommend this working if you have ever had a Love Binding working performed for you in the past, only with a different love interest. First, I would recommend removal work for the past working.  Otherwise, you may still be bonded to that other person, and it could cause a mess in the future. Same thing applies if your intended love for this working has been bonded in love to someone else in the past. A removal working would need to be done first in that case as well.  You can't ride two horses with one ass, as they say.
  • Similarly, I do not recommend this working if you or your intended love are legally bound (married) to someone else.  Divorce work would need to be done first. (And finalized legally)  Otherwise, doing this working would just create messes for you.
  • I do not recommend this service for an unknown target (example, if you are seeking a long lasting love to come into your life, but it is not someone you know). The reason being, at the end of this service, the two halves of the coconut along with the residual wax inside are sealed together, representing a lasting bond.  If you are bound to someone you don't know, you are bound to be miserable if that complete stranger does not feel the same way or if you change your mind.



You will receive a PDF report upon completion with approximately 10-15 photos via email. Your sealed coconut will be ritually deployed in an appropriate and traditional manner. 

What I will need from you: the names, dates of birth, and photos of the persons this working is for, along with any other pertinent information. You can email this to me after purchase at barefootwitcheryshoppe@yahoo.com.

Photos are an example, your service will be unique to your situation and beautifully customized. 


Some additional references to Jumping the Broom:







Please complete the Client Service Agreement and send to me as quickly as possible after purchase. It can be found in the Forms & Documents section of this website.


You can email me your information after purchase to barefootwitcheryshoppe@yahoo.com


Please be sure of your purchase beforehand, and certain of what you really want. Before purchase, please be aware that I do not offer refunds, exchanges, or free recasts or free work of any kind. My terms and conditions can be found on this website, and by purchasing you are agreeing to those. Aside from complications of a situation or obstacles, outcomes are determined by God, the Spirits, Orishas, & Loas, and by the decisions of one's free will. Hoodoo and Rootwork are a way of life, a relationship with the Spirits to enrich our lives, and tools to help us to make better decisions that can lead to more positive outcomes.


Legal Disclaimer:


Please also be 18. I cannot be responsible for outcomes of work performed on your behalf or how you use our products. All services are sold for entertainment purposes only, and all items are sold as curios. Spiritual work of any kind is no substitute for medical, psychological, or professional treatment or advice or any kind. We are not responsible in any way for any results or outcome related to the services or products we provide for you.


Be well, and be blessed!






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