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Self-Care Essential Oil Set, for Spiritual Wellness and Inner Balance


Product Description

Self-Care Essential Oil Blend Set.  Fragrances designed for wellness of mind, body, and soul.

Fragrance is a powerful sense.  Smells can trigger happy memories, whisk you off to far away places, turn back time, and trigger our brains in a unique way nothing else can.  Our sense of smell has a direct link to our minds, which in turn affects our current situation, mood, outlook, and thought processes.  Some say fragrance, food, and music are some of the best medicines for our souls, nourishment and refreshment for our spirits. The psychological effects of fragrance have been studied throughout history and is an art in itself.  

I have carefully crafted the formulas for these oils with these therapeutic intents in mind, along with the metaphysical properties and magickal uses of the herbs, roots, and flowers used to make the essential oils I use in my blends.

This set, which comes packaged in a natural fiber drawstring bag, includes the following:  Five .50 ounce frosted glass bottles of the following fragrances, which can also be purchased separately if you find you have a favorite.  Hope & Sunshine, Aura Balance, Focus, Ground, and Quiet. All essential elements to our spiritual, psychological, and emotional well-being.

Hope & Sunshine

When you need some light and fresh air and a fresh outlook.  Whether your struggle is at the workplace, at home, in a legal battle, with family issues, illness, or any number of other scenarios. We all need hope and sunshine to live. Take a moment - take all the moments you need, to stop, forget what's going on all around you, and just close your eyes and breathe.  It's going to be alright.  Even if it isn't, you're going to be alright.  You've survived all of your worst days so far. Keep going.

Life gets overwhelming sometimes and can be brutal.  It's a bad day, though, not a bad life. Anxiety and depression come when you feel out of control.  There are always going to be things you can't control.  But there is one thing you can control, and it is the most important thing - yourself, how you let things affect you, and how you react. Negative energy feeds from your misery and is powerless without it. Your can win your struggle. Psychic attacks and parasitic energy can leave you feeling like your spirit is being swung around by its own tail.  But stop and take a minute and realize what is going on.  Knowledge is power.  Take one day at a time.  Take one minute at a time if you need to.  But get up, take one step at a time, do one thing at a time. Change the dynamic and thereby change the outcome. The change in the atmosphere and your environment happens once you decide to make a change yourself.  Hope builds and darkness retreats when we decide to take an active role in how things are going to play out from one minute to the next.  And then from one day to the next.  And so on.

This isn't a miracle in a bottle.  But it is a window to open, even in a room where there isn't one.  To let in some light and hope, and to change the atmosphere and shine the light to make the shadows scatter.



Aura Balance


When negative energy (situations, places, or people who are around us) tries to penetrate our aura and shake us up, it can leave us feeling a little shaken and unbalanced, maybe even violated. 


Aura Balance helps restore and protect your own personal energy, along with your security of knowing you are your own magick.


Aura Balance Oil, for wearing as a fragrance or add a bit to your bath water to help regain your own personal balance in your immediate environment. Our aura is our personal sacred space within and around us, and is a reflection of our vibration.  It is essential to keep our auras nourished and protected for our own spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being.  Your aura is as sacred as your own personal altar or other magickal tools. 


For clarity, peace of mind, and placing a protective shield of positive energy around you for good vibes only.  Helps to shake off unwanted residual energies that like to hang around.





See, but not just with your eyes.  Your outlook is simply how you view things around you.  Your viewpoint is simply your opinion about things around you.  Ideals and values are what you choose to want to believe, for your own benefit or others’.  Your perception is not necessarily reality.   


Many things can cloud our judgement or our sight, like a fog.  Behind the mask, the truth is revealed.  Things aren’t always as they appear, but do you want to really understand? Sometimes the simplest answer is not always the easiest one to accept.  Intuition goes hand-in-hand with clear vision. 


The mind can play terrible tricks on us, make us believe things that aren’t necessarily so.  It can swing us around by our own tail at times.  It can make us sick or make us well.  It can make us succeed or make us fail.


How do we know the difference?  The mind is the most powerful part of the body.  It is also your most powerful tool.  Dreams come true starting in the mind, with clear vision and focus.  Worlds are built, fortunes won or lost, battles chosen carefully, strategies planned, obstacles overcome, problems solved, and enemies conquered.  And it all starts with focus.


What is at the core of the issue?  What is behind the façade?  See past the walls and illusions and glamours.


Bring things into focus, and you will see more clearly.  What really is, not just what seems to be. 


Fear, confusion, anxiety/worry, illness, age, memory loss, and our emotions cloud our vision and our judgement.


Realization dawns, that you are missing something. There’s a piece of the puzzle you cannot see. And it could be a very important piece.


Focus oil is designed with essential oils according to their metaphysical properties to remove the blinders and the things that keep you from focusing clearly and tackle the matter at hand from every angle.  Like a crystal, every person, situation, and every word spoken has many facets that make up the whole. It is designed to keep your mind sharp and alert, and to aid with insight.


Focus itself is also multi-facted. What you focus on becomes your reality.  Focus manifests and creates.


May your focus be crystal clear.





Deep within the earth there are ancient secrets.  Earth is life. She hums with vibrations that resonate within each of us.  She’s solid, knowing, withstanding.


Panic arises when we feel that things around us or within us are out of our control. The earth does not panic.  She is the Goddess, the Mother.  All things come and go, good or bad.  All the things you are facing will pass.


Connect with her, feel her vibrations.  The hum of her power.  It is a part of you, within you.  It is the solid part that knows ancient wisdom and power.


Draw from her energy, she gives freely. 


She is guided by forces she is a part of, amidst what seems like chaos to us.  It is perfect symmetry to her.  She moves with the changes, in a serendipitous dance through time and space.  She changes with the seasons and embodies all the elements.  As do we.


She is Fire, she is Water, she is Air, she is Earth.  You are all of these things, as well as Spirit.  She is a part of you, and you complete her alchemy.


She lives in the “now”, the present.  Do not worry about what the next moment will bring, or what you cannot change.  Live in the now, grounded, solid.





Listen, but not just with your ears. Listen to understand, not to respond. Don’t be distracted by the landscape. Close your eyes and sit still. Open your senses.  Listen past the white noise of everyday sounds, past the chatter, past the sounds of the phone and the TV.  Listen to the sounds the earth makes – the birds, the wind, the rain, the squirrels.  Then listen past all of that.  Hear the earth. Feel its energy. It is ever-growing, ever changing, ever moving. Just as we all are.  It is quiet.  It simply is.  As the earth is, just be.  And realize that you are part of it.


Quiet is not weakness, ignorance, or the inability to make the appropriate response.  It is strength, wisdom, and choosing what is important to say, rather than just making unnecessary noise.


The spoken word is what forms things into being, brings ideas into reality, manifests whether good or bad.  Be careful of your words, they can harm or heal.  Create or destroy.  Quiet is equally powerful. There is a time to speak, and a time to be quiet.


Quiet is the place where you find your inner peace.  Where you can leave the worries to the universe, knowing all will be well and the world won’t fall apart if you take a short rest.


Quiet is allowing yourself comfort, apart from chaos, or even in the midst of it.  It’s a place in a soft blanket with a cup of tea before dreams come.


Here you hear your guides; they impart wisdom, strength, and peace.







Fine essential oils and top quality carrier oil.  Suggested use: aromatherapy. Use in oil burners or with reed diffusers. You can also use to dress candles, anoint rooms, bedding, petitions, poppets, or mojos.  Carry with you to take a sniff to help regain balance of your personal aura and re-align those chakras that are out of whack.  Wear as a fragrance, but test small area first for allergic reaction on skin.  Do not use on broken skin or wounds/cuts.  

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self care essential oil set


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