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Set of 3 New Orleans Voodoo Underworld, Ancestral Altar Mists


Product Description

Set of 3 Voodoo Underworld mists for your Ancestral work, each in a plastic mist sprayer, 2 ounce. Save $6 by purchasing these together.

For misting your ancestral altar, smudging, calling on your ancestors, spirits, and guides for their assistance. For honoring those who have gone before us and asking for their guidance, wisdom, comfort, help, and protection.

  • The 7 Gates of Guinee - Ancestral Veneration.  Fragrance is warm and masculine, with a few special favorite ingredients of the Loas, to serve as offerings.
  • The Deep Waters - Ancestral Elevation.  Fragrance is clean and fresh.
  • Sittin' Up With The Dead - Ancestral Invitation and Communication.  Fragrance is homey and comforting.  

A little more about the Voodoo Underworld:

In the Voodoo tradition, Guinee is a plane that the deceased pass through before being reunited with their ancestors in the Deep Waters.  The soul passes through each of the 7 Gates of Guinee, in order, to be  by Baron Samedi at the 7th gate, and escorted to the Deep Waters.  

It is believed that each of the 7 gates have a physical counterpoint in this world.  They are believed to be in various locations in New Orleans, such as the French Quarter, St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, St. Louis Cemetery No.2, St. Patrick Cemetery, Cypress Grove Cemetery, and Greenwood Cemetery the crossing of Canal and Basin Street, or other various monuments.  No one can say for certain where the gates are located in the city, but there are many theories. 

There is also a belief that during the time a soul is in Guinee is 7 days, the time that the soul stays close to its corpse and is at the highest risk for becoming zombified by a Voodoo practitioner.   A traditional rhyme amongst the voodoo practitioners of New Orleans is said to describe the proper timing for opening the Gates of Guinee; “Seven nights, Seven moons, Seven gates, Seven tombs.”

It is of utmost importance that the gates are approached in order, and that proper respect and offerings are paid to the Loa guarding each gate. Otherwise, consequences can be dire.  Meaning, dangerous spirits could enter the world of the living, dragging a soul back to the land of the dead.  The Loas at each gate are responsible for keeping the living out of the land of the dead.  

The Guedes who guard the gates, in order, are as follows according to a list compiled at the time of Marie Laveau:

The First Gate: Baron LaCroix

The Second Gate: Guede Nibo

The Third Gate: Guede Plumaj

The Fourth Gate: Baron Cimitiere

The Fifth Gate: Guede Babaco

The Sixth Gate: Baron Kriminel

The Seventh Gate: Baron Samedi


 A little more about the southern custom of sitting up with the dead:

I remember my Mom and my Granny talking about "sitting up with the dead".  In the south, it was a common tradition when someone passed away, to sit up with them throughout the night before the funeral.  This doesn't mean that the deceased body was actually sitting up, mind you.  It means that the body was "laid out" (Or prepared for the funeral) in the living room, similar to a wake, or a viewing (which is what we now have at a funeral home the day/evening before the funeral).  

The front room (parlor) of the house was used to let visitors, family, and friends pay their respects to the deceased and the family. Because this room in any household was typically used for this purpose, it became known as the "mourning room".  Nowdays we call it the "living room", because it was a place for the living to pay their respects to the deceased.

Why did the family/friends of the deceased sit up all night with the deceased?  Some say it is because before the days of funeral homes and the ability to preserve the body, it was necessary to keep the vermin away from the body.  

Other reasons were that the family wanted to spend as much time as they could with their deceased loved one before they were "put away" (or buried).  I suppose I can understand wanting to spend just a few more hours in the living room, saying final goodbyes and feeling as though you have just a few more moments with them, and to let the deceased loved one know that you still want them to be there among family and friends.

Our ancestors are always with us to help, guide, comfort, and protect us. Let them know they are welcome and communicate with them.  


Fragrances are blended with essential oils whose metaphysical properties correspond with the goal, intent, and purpose of this mist. Every ingredient in our ritual mists serves a purpose, with the finest essential oils and distilled water or other sacred waters.  Your ritual mist will arrive to you after being prayed over and blessed on my altar, charged and ready for your use in your spiritual work.


Original artwork and written content is the intellectual property of and copyright Sherry Scott, Barefoot Witchery Shoppe. No part of this content may be used, copied, or duplicated without written legal consent.


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Ancestral Voodoo Mists Set


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