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There are some workings that I perform for clients that are completely custom, and some are even born in the moment, right in the middle of a desperate need. And those are the ones that hit the mark, the ones that you know that you know are the real deal and will get to the root of the issue, not just the branches. The ones that really "ring that bell".  This is such a working. 

There are times that we all need some spiritual guidance. So this working can be customized for you, if you are feeling like you are stuck and don't know what to do or which way to turn, and as a result you end up staying exactly where you are. Afraid to move, afraid to make changes, fearful of the unknown, or undecided or confused.

Additionally, this working would be ideal for someone whom you can't seem to get through to any other way. I have done this working previously for clients who were unable to get through to their target any other way. Some people won't listen, some people don't believe or take your advice, or simply won't cooperate in the guidance you are trying to give them. Maybe they think they know best or think they know it all. So why should they change if they don't see the need? If they really wanted to they would. How do you make them want to?  So, I developed this working to call upon either their spirit guide, or a spirit who would be willing to speak to them in a voice they will recognize, in a way they cannot deny, and in terms they will understand. So, essentially this can somewhat be considered similar to an Intranquil Spirit working, but we are not specifically calling upon an Intranquil spirit. We are simply calling upon a willing spirit who can get through to a person, regardless of the goal. It doesn't have to be a lover return type of situation but this working would fit the bill of needs for those circumstances. 


Additionally, sometimes it is plain as day that some people need to make changes in their own life to stop going down a path that is not meant for them, not good for them or others around them, or self-destructive at best.  So, this could be a good option for someone you love who is battling (or not battling at all but is walking hand-in-hand with) addiction of some type.

Also, this working could be ideal for narcissists or "gaslighters".  Their own viewpoint and opinion is the only one that matters to them, and the only one that is right. Until they are faced with a spirit that will hold a mirror to their face and show them the undeniable truth. 

This working is completely customized to your unique situation. 


So, please tell me what you can about your situation and what you would like to accomplish or need help with.  I will also need your full name, date of birth, and photo.  If you would like to write a petition for me to use, the things you would ask the Universe or the Spirits' help with, it would be appreciated and helpful in assisting you to make this working as effective as possible.

You can email me with all of this information at sherry@barefootwitcheryshoppe.com


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