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Storm Waters 6 Ounce, Choose from Three


Product Description

In May of 2019, there were over 60 tornadoes reported here in Oklahoma, and many towns including ours suffered from damage and widespread flooding due to the lakes, rivers, and overflowing dams.  When life gives you storms, collect the water because you never know when you might need it. All of these waters come from the Osage Reservation, located in the Osage Hills and Prairies of Oklahoma. We are no stranger to harsh weather including tornadoes, high winds, daily thunderstorms certain times of the year, and flooding.  These waters are available to ship immediately, as we have plenty on hand and will likely have many opportunities throughout the year to collect more.  This batch, we are releasing in June 2019 is all gathered from last month's outbreak of storms that many of our friends, neighbors, and family are still recovering from. So, we are offering these waters for our customers who do not live in areas that normally receive this type of weather we are accustomed to here.

In Hoodoo, water is used in many ways, and there are many types for different purposes.  Water is a spell amplifier in candle workings, and different types of waters can be used as spiritual baths or floor washes, and sometimes water is even used for divination purposes.


So, here is a little explanation of each of the types of waters that we have to offer.  You can choose from the following or even try all 3 to keep on hand in case you ever need them.


  • Thunderstorm water:  You can use thunderstorm water in any workings for enemy work such as in jar workings, (malevolent) War Water, or in mixing with dry ingredients to make clay poppets, or use as a spell amplifier by burning a figural candle in a bowl of thunderstorm water for enemy workings.  You can also use this water for benevolent reasons, such as connecting with Oya and petitioning her for needed change.


  • Flood Water:  Water can be peaceful, but in massive quantities, it is a force to be reckoned with and can cause devastation and wipe out homes, roads, and even kill.  Water can be dangerous and wash away good things from someone's life, if you want to use it with an enemy working to cause them widespread devastation and loss of the good things in their life.  OR, you can also use it for benevolent reasons. You can charge your water with the intention of washing away hexes or negative energy and use it as a floor wash or spiritual bath.


  • Crossroads Storm Water:  This water was collected at a crossroads during a thunderstorm.  The Crossroads (usually a 4 way crossroads) is a place to petition Papa Legba (Or Pomba Gira in the case of a 3 way crossroads).  It is a place of power for opening roads and sometimes even closing roads, depending on your need.  You can use this water with road opening workings for good or malefic intent, or with your workings with Papa Legba.

You will receive your choice of water in a 6 ounce plastic bottle.  Please be aware that we do not recommend internal use of these waters, as rain/storm/flood waters can contain bacteria that cause illness or infection if you have any open sores on your skin.  None of these waters have been filtered, boiled, or treated, and I do not recommend adding them to food or drinks for any reason.  There are also likely tiny pieces of natural material (grass, dirt, moss) in your water. 

We are adding a photo of each type of water to this listing, along with a photo that shows all 3 options, however, when you buy a quantity of 1, you are ordering one choice of water type, not 1 set of 3. There will be buttons to check to indicate which water you want.

Note: The color of the bottles used for these waters is light blue.  There is no dye, coloring of any kind, or essential oils or added ingredients.


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