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Sweet Jar For Love, Returning Lost Lover, Blessing a Union, Healing Broken Relationships, Reinforcing the Bond, New Love

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Product Description

Honey Jars, also known as Sweet Jars are a tried and true method of sweetening someone's disposition to you, a situation you're in, or drawing the sweet things life has to offer.

This service is for almost any type of romantic love situation.  Your service will be completely customized according to your specific goals and needs for the relationship. 

For example, do you want a casual romance, or something long term with commitment?  The type of sweeteners used, curios, other items and ingredients, as well as the petition will depend on the particulars of your situation.

Is fidelity an issue with your lover? Are you constantly worrying about other romantic interests who may pose a threat? This can also help eliminate competition.

Honey jars are sometimes notorious for being slow-working, which may not sound appealing for folks who aren't willing to give it time to work. I think that sometimes, folks want a quick fix, but quick fixes may not be long-lasting. If your love is more stubborn or if you have a lover who seems to breeze in and out of your life but doesn't stay for long, or if other spells or working seem to have a short-term effect only to fizzle out later, a Honey Jar working may be the answer.

I would like to add, although honey jars may take some time to continue to work for you to get the full manifestation and results you wish to see, I have found that thy do start to manifest some changes within a short period of time. You may be surprised.  Some folks will stop at that point, though, once they start to see some changes, rather than continue to work on the issue until things fully manifest.

So, for this working, I give you a lot of options. One of these being that I can send you the jar, once I have worked it for 7 days, so you can continue to work it to your heart's desire and then bury it yourself. My suggestion for this would be either on your property, in a Cemetery, or at a 4 Way Crossroads. If you wish for your jar to be mailed to you, once I have finished working it, I'll need for you to provide me with that information upon ordering. And I will need to send you a PayPal invoice for the calculated shipping costs, which will be USPS Priority, within the U.S., or USPS First Class International otherwise.

Otherwise, I ritually deploy these by burial, as appropriate on a case-by-case basis, either at a 4 Way Crossroads I use for my work with Papa Legba, or in a Native American cemetery I use for my own personal use as well as clients' workings when the situation calls for it.

I used to hang on to clients' honey jars for a few months after working them, just in case the client changed their mind and wanted their jar sent to them or wanted me to continue to work them later on a weekly paid basis. However, I accumulated so many honey jars during that time, I found it was better to offer to send them to the client if they did not want them buried after I finished working them.

At the bottom of this page, you will see a box for you to complete, listing your personal goals for your Sweet Jar.  This will help me determine what ingredients, curios, and other items are needed to make it work for you.  For example, I'll need to know your and your lover's full names, dates of birth, and photos, of course. But here, you can also type anything else that I need to know, to be able to fully customize your jar. Also, if you wish to write a petition, I will print it and use it in your jar. I will also write a handwritten name paper for your jar.

I have a wide variety of items available to me on hand for your needs.

The photos shown here are examples, yours may contain different or additional items. The beautiful fresh red rose, of course, is for love. The key is for road opening and for opening your lover's heart.  The Crucifix is for blessing the union. The Adam & Eve Roots, along with the plastic male and female dolls are to represent you and your lover. (I am happy to accommodate same sex couples, and can use to Adam Roots, Two Eve Roots, and/or Two male or female dollies)  The two lodestones are for drawing the two of you together. The Rose Quartz is for sincere and lasting love. The tiny engagement ring is for commitment or a proposal or to symbolize an existing marriage or union and strengthen it and bring back the "honeymoon" stages of your marriage. Deerstongue for better communication and understanding, to eliminate misunderstandings. Tobacco for communication or for reaching out to someone and getting a message across when you don't have any other way to get in touch or communicate with them, or to get them to initiate contact. Cinnamon for speed. Red Pepper for fire and re-igniting the spark of passion. Red brick dust for building a solid foundation, protected from enemies and negative energy.  Evil eye bead, to ward off jealousy and those who wish to meddle or cause your partner to stray.  A Raccoon penis bone, for love, sex, fertility, and fidelity. The Lovers tarot card, and all it implies. Red salt, to keep away all negative energy or influence that may try to sabotage your working.  Other additions can be used for any of the following and much more: forgiveness, sincerity, apology, understanding, truth, resolution and reconciliation of differences, love uncrossing, abundance and prosperity within the relationship, opportunities, healing, you name it.

I use a variety of sweeteners, depending on the specifics of your individual situation:

I use honey, of course. (Real honey, not honey syrup or substitute)

Also honey granules, bee pollen, raw cane sugar, maple syrup or maple granules, karo syrup, and molasses (for long-lasting relationships).

*Note, molasses is normally used as a deterrent, to make someone or something slow down and get stuck. You've heard the old saying, "slow as molasses". The only time molasses should be used in a love working is to make someone stick around, for long-term commitment.

This working can be a stand-alone working, or would work well along with my Love Haunt working, or other love and relationship workings, or as an alternative to my original Intranquil Spirit working.

 Honey Jars in Hoodoo are traditionally worked on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

So, upon purchase, please provide as much detail as you can, so that I can customize the working specifically to your needs for greater effectiveness. I will need the names, dates of birth, and photos of all persons involved.

You will receive the report of your work in a PDF document containing photos of your working along with complete interpretation according to the divination signs of your candle.

Please complete the Client Service Agreement and send to me as quickly as possible after purchase. It can be found in the Forms & Documents section of this website.

You can email me your information after purchase to barefootwitcheryshoppe@yahoo.com

Please be sure of your purchase beforehand, and certain of what you really want. Before purchase, please be aware that I do not offer refunds, exchanges, or free recasts or free work of any kind. My terms and conditions can be found on this website, and by purchasing you are agreeing to those. Aside from complications of a situation or obstacles, outcomes are determined by God, the Spirits, Orishas, & Loas, and by the decisions of one's free will. Hoodoo and Rootwork are a way of life, a relationship with the Spirits to enrich our lives, and tools to help us to make better decisions that can lead to more positive outcomes.

Legal Disclaimer:

Please also be 18. I cannot be responsible for outcomes of work performed on your behalf or how you use our products. all services are sold for entertainment purposes only, and all items are sold as curios. Spiritual work of any kind is no substitute for medical, psychological, or professional treatment or advice or any kind. In the event you are in any personal danger or are in harm's way, contact the proper authorities first and move to safety, then worry about Hoodoo later.

Be well, and be blessed! 

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