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Testimonials and Reviews


Here are just a handful of the lovely testimonials and reviews left for me by some spectacular clients on my Etsy shop over the past 3 years, as well as some sent via email to me. Names and user-names are omitted for the privacy of my clienelle.


I received quite a few things to get me started. Of course, everything is beautifully pkgd w a wealth of information, which I greatly appreciate since I'm new to this and just getting started. I can't wait to get everything set up and learn how to utilize these things properly to help me in my situations. I love this shop and I will DEFINITELY be back for more!!! Thank you for taking the time to pkg everything so nicely and to include so much info! You def are a sweet soul.


One of the best spellcaster at etsy and very caring.5 Star service!


Good communications & excellent services. Highly recommended!


Reading was spot on and insightful... Thank you Sherry!


This is one powerful spell! The pictures Sherry sent me were beyond beautiful, they were magical...I kid you not, when i read the report and looked at the pics, i could FEEL the energy/magic of this spell! That's how powerful it was!The candles were beautiful and i fell in love with the herbs and oils that were placed on them and how they were beautifully appointed:) A few days after i received my spell report, my target recently confessed that he has become obsessed with me...Thank you so much, Sherry, for everything! I will definitely be back:)


Extremely happy with Sherry's services. Sherry really cares about her customers and provides quality customer service & magick. Her reports explained the process and best of all, she provides pics so you can see her magic at work! About 2 weeks after she sent me my spell report, I learned my targets got into an argument, one of many to come, i hope:). It will only be a matter of time before they break up, but i have faith it will happen:). Sherry is the real deal!


I purchased a Karmic spell & I am already seeing results! I have no doubt this spell will work. Look forward to using Sherry again!


What can I say about Sherrie? She delivers! I started to see indications that this Karmic candle is working its magic. I had to wait a little while cause she is sooo in demand but it was well worth the wait. I got a detailed report with not only a detailed description of what is going on but a video of the candle burning. I will be calling upon her for a reading in the future.


I love everything I get from your shop and I know that I will get results soon since I have seen results from a previous service I got from you


completely satisfied with everything I have purchased and her level of service and professionalism!


Sherry, what can I say, you are amazing. I was blown away at the positive messages I got from the photos. The level of detail you commit to your craft is beautiful to see.


This was an exciting process and it was perfect! I read my report and watched the video sherry sent me several times because it felt so positive. Sherry puts so much detail into her work and it shows. I am always satisfied with my purchase and the communication I receive about my order. I recommend BarefootWitchery to anyone seeking genuine work and quality service.


As always, Sherry is communicative throught out the process. She lets you know when your work will be done and updates with pictures. She answers any questions asked and is always willing to help.


Working with Sherry has been an absolute pleasure. She is empathetic and always willing to communicate with her customers and hear them out. Best of all is that she is non-judgmental, which is a problem that I commonly see with a lot of pagan sellers (lots of the 'rule of three' madness even for people that aren't Wiccan, but that's another discussion for another day). She inserts a little bit of herself into her spells and can feel what you feel - it makes me wonder if she is an empath.


All it takes now is for me to believe and to place my faith in the powers of this spell to happen. I will be doing business with her again.


Dealing with Sherry / Barefoot Witchery was absolutely wonderful. The necklace arrived and I couldn't wait to open it. It is absolutely 1000% perfect. And the gift inside was so unnecessary of her but so much appreciated. I can't wait to buy more from her! Thank you so much Sherry and God Bless.


Package arrived today and everything looks great! Everything was wrapped and packaged very nicely and she even included a pen and fridge magnet from her store. I would definitely order from this shop again.


Sherrys work is amazing and very very detailed! She knows her craft very well and is truly a gem on etsy! I'm happy to have purchased this from her and after seeing the work she delivers it was worth the wait:) Thanks and I look forward to trying more products from her shop..


Done by an expert, couldn't ask for better; little results here and there to start, but grew. I don't expect miracles overnight, but it gives me hope and I do see it working.


Great reading she is a true gem. Honest Truthful well worth the wait.


Omg it worked!!!! ^___^ Thank you so much!!! I wish I would of found you much sooner :)!!!! I plan on getting more things sooner and im going to tell all my friends about this shop! <3


Very detailed. Sherry goes all out for you! The most important thing is she cares. Thank you!

This is a brilliant kit nothing like it love it a lot it's nice that someone understands and that there is a kit like this to help. I love this store. I never get gloomy opinions it's uplifting and that's what I need:)


Candles dressed correctly and energy sent where it needs to go. This practitioner is INCREDIBLE!!!


Sherry is a very kind, caring, and supportive seller. The customer service and communication were excellent. I have great faith in her abilities and I'm honestly already seeing signs of progress in my very difficult situation. I highly recommend Sherry and I'll be back for more! Thank you


Sherry is great. I took about 3 weeks to take the reading in fully and to see how accurate her insight is. I am highly satisfied. Not only is Sherry good at her readings, she is certainly caring about her customers. She took the time to write me after I wrote her a few notes on Etsy. Thanks for a great Tarot reading that is accurate so far! Feeling great about the future Sherry :)


I can't check if is working or not yet. But still have faith. I highly recommend Sherry, because she really try to help and take time to prepare the spell. She also answer all the question as soon as she can. So, if you looking for a honest professional caster, than you're at the right shop!


Thank you very much for your help. The pictures and the pdf file does help and I pray that it is working this very moment


This is my first Tarot reading; something I've wanted to do for some time; and honestly, I really wasn't sure what to expect. The ordering process was simple, and the communication was exemplary. Sherry provided a reading that was concise and easy to understand but also provided some insight into the question that I asked her. I will definitely be ordering another reading from her.


Love the products available on Sherry's site. Very fast shipping and friendly helpful emails. AAA+++


Sweet, caring and supportive reader. Love her !


Sherry is very thorough, she explains the whole step by step process and provides pictures (makes you feel like you were there during the process). She also gives you an interpretation of your candle work in a timely manner. She is very honest, she does your work when she says she is going to. Sherry you are a star.


Absolutely Amazing!!! Beautiful candles and thorough explanation of all that happened during the burning. The owner is outstanding to work with - and has intuitive gifts that are off the chart!


Very insightful and on point. Sherry was direct with the reading and did not sugar coat it- you will get an honest reading. :) She's also very sweet and took the time to answer my questions and address my ramblings! Will be coming back for sure.


Owner is absolutely amazing! Very fast delivery and I like how images/captions were provided so I could see the process for myself. I'll update with results. Definitely will be a repeat customer.


Described my situation to a T. Very spot on reading. Amazing.


Sherry was on point with everything in my reading and even went out of her way to give me some great advice on how to fix the situation. She was very honest with me and answered all my questions. I will be back very soon for more purchases from her. Thanks so much once again!


Sherry is amazing and thorough! Highly recommend her! She is honest and really does the work, provides clear explanations, and is honest. Communication is also fantastic! Thanks Sherry!


Love this vinegar! My energy felt so much better after one use!


I had a fantastic experience with Sherry and the services that she offers. Sherry answered questions quickly and made the overall experience very easy on me. The fact that she will do the spell for you is huge. She also has very cool and unique items in her shop. Love it and will be a repeat customer.


She is AMAZING! This store owner always goes the extra mile in her candle work. She takes time, formulates and dresses the candle intuitively well and takes time to explain all that's gone on with your candle. I can't recommend her service highly enough! :-)


These spray work wonderfully well - I am a grief counselor and see the kids enjoy smelling the spray. They talk about their deceased loved ones as while we "smudge" together.


Potent protection - truly repels bad energy. In Greek we call this the "Matí" but the shop owner adds extra whammy. I love it!


These herbs work wonderfully well - I am a grief counselor and see the kids enjoy interacting with the herbs. They talk about their deceased loved ones as they do. Great stuff!


The shop owner spends a great deal of time thinking and intuiting your needs and puts a lot of great energy in her work!


I will highly recommend to anyone!!! Where did you come from, Sherry, you are an ANGEL!!!! You are not only a spellcaster you are a shoulder to cry on, you actually listen to me and my situation. You have saved my life!! You emailed me everything you said you would do. I saw what you did and you never lied to me about the process. Thank you!! I WILL BECOME A REPEAT CUSTOMER, I PROMISE!!!






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