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The Maddened King Oil, for Help with a Narcissistic Person


Product Description

A lot of folks will give you advice about how to deal with a narcissist or a gaslighter. But how many methods are actually helpful when it is someone you live with or are close to who is manipulating you? I've been in your shoes. You may be surprised at some of the things I say in my blog post, titled The Maddened King. You can read more about it by clicking HERE. 

About The Maddened King Oil:

This oil is crafted with some ingredients that were difficult to find, and are blessed with prayer and intent to radiate and magnify the pure and simple undeniable Truth, reflect only what is real, and trumpet the message via holy messenger with an announcement that cannot be ignored or twisted. You know what it is. And that means the maddened king will reign no more.

We’re not talking about commanding, controlling, compelling, dominating, harnessing, leashing, punishing, revenge, hexing, cursing, and so on. The approach here is the simple, undeniable Truth. Some may say, “Well, everyone’s truth is different. Your truth may not be his truth.” No, let’s call it what it is. There is only one Truth. Other people’s individual “truths” that are tailored to their personal style are nothing more than perceptions. Perception can be reality for us. But there is only one set of facts. Fact is Truth, but not all truths are facts. Someone’s “truth” may not be fact. We’re getting too hung up on millennial buzzwords here that have warped the definition of truth. Our mind shapes our reality. The narcissist’s reality is skewed, stretched, and misshapen to suit them. Because their “truth” or perception is warped.  And so they try to make yours the same. Don’t lose sight of the Truth. You may forget it. You may get so used to the alternate version that it becomes “normal”. What you allow will continue and will be considered acceptance by you. So, it’s “OK” for them to continue as they have been.

This oil can be used on anything your intended target will touch, sleep upon, walk in, or wear. You can employ it safely and under the radar. You can use it on any type of candle, especially white, black, grey, blue, or purple. The bottle can also be a jar spell within itself, if you wish. You can put his name or picture in it and even his personal concerns I recommend not putting a petition inside the bottle, but you may use this oil on petitions. The King chess piece represents him; he is confined within this bottle with nothing but my secret ingredients and a mirror to keep him company. His crown of power and authority rests safely outside the bottle. It is yours. Break it if you wish-smash it with a hammer, add it to the bottle, keep it for your own talisman, it is up to you. The seeds included in each bottle are special and took a while to find and receive. What are they? They help. They do what they do. Consider them your seeds of hope, and know your power will grow and his will diminish ad wither. You may choose to plant them if they remain in the bottle after the oil is gone. If you do, offer what grows to Santa Marta La Dominadora and thank her. She will know I sent you.

Every bottle is made-to-order, prayed over, and blessed before it is shipped. All of my oils are, but this one a little extra. It is made for you.

One ounce glass bottle. 


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the maddened king oil


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