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Think With Your Heart, Service for Love, Relationships, Commitment


Product Description

This working is similar to our Always On Your Mind service.  

 It uses a red skull candle with a compartment inside, where I first burn a smaller anatomical heart candle.

This would be an ideal choice to help someone you love show more emotion towards you, be more romantic, or to keep thoughts of love for you always at the forefront of their consciousness. We have all heard of "right brain versus left brain"  This involves how some people are more dominated by the parts of their brain that deal more with reason and logic.  While others are ruled more by emotions, creativity, and love.  Many times someone may love you but not be able to express it well if at all, or may be more logical and factual in their mindset and lack the ability to express their emotions in the way you would like for them to.

Or maybe a certain someone in your life only thinks of you as a friend and not a possibility for a serious long term romantic relationship, and you want to change that.  Or perhaps you are in a long distance relationship and want to make sure that your significant other doesn't forget about you or let those feelings of love dwindle or diminish.

Some people have a very compartmentalized way of thinking and like to put certain things in an order that makes sense to them, and maybe have put their emotions towards you on a shelf or in a box and don't consider the container that holds their heart a priority, maybe work takes priority, or maybe other things like hobbies. Help them to realize how important putting you as a priority and their feelings for you truly is.

The possibilities are too numerous to list, but suffice to say this working is ideal for returning a lost lover, sweetening an existing relationship to make someone show more affection and let their thoughts and feelings show, or even to draw a new love to you.

It is all about your need and intent. I can customize it however you want and will choose the formulas and other items used accordingly. So, please tell me all about your situation. 



Upon ordering, please be sure you send me the information of the person for whom this working is intended, including their full name, date of birth, and photo, as well as any petition/stated goal or intent. I will also need the same information for you.  You can include a separate photo of yourself or a photo of you and your intended love together.  You can send all of this information to barefootwitcheryshoppe@yahoo.com.  If no information is received, I will perform a general working on your behalf.

Photo is example only. Your working will be unique to your situation and circumstances.

Upon completion, you will receive a PDF document with photos of your working, documentation, and interpretation of the divination signs of the candle, via email.


Legal Disclaimer:

Please be sure of your purchase beforehand, and certain of what you really want. Before purchase, please be aware that I do not offer refunds, exchanges, or free recasts or free work of any kind. My terms and conditions can be found on this website, and by purchasing you are agreeing to those. Aside from complications of a situation or obstacles, outcomes are determined by God, the Spirits, Orishas, & Loas, and by the decisions of one's free will. Hoodoo and Rootwork are a way of life, a relationship with the Spirits to enrich our lives, and tools to help us to make better decisions that can lead to more positive outcomes.

I cannot be held responsible for outcomes of work performed on your behalf or how you use our products. All services are sold for entertainment purposes only, and all items are sold as curios. Spiritual work of any kind is no substitute for medical, psychological, or professional treatment or advice or any kind. We are not responsible in any way for any results or outcome related to the services or products we provide for you.




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Think With Your Heart Service


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