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Transformation Working, Shadow Work, Dark Night of the Soul, Chrysalis, Growth, Learning, Healing


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Transformation is not a new concept. It's not my idea, it is God's. Nature's. Mother Earth's. The Goddess's. Spirit's. It's not uniquely my own idea, it wasn't just created when I began doing this type of work in October. It is as old as time, as old as the day God created life on Earth, both plant, animal, and mankind alike. I can't take credit for it. And anyone can copy it. The concept is not copyrighted by me. Far be it from me to think I am up there equal with God and his Creation. I have taught it others, but I can only point the way. What they take and do with it is their own business, and Spirit sorts that out in the end.  I learned it by watching, paying attention, listening. To Spirit, to God, to the Earth, to the cicadas, to the butterflies. To the cycles we see with the seasons, to my Guides, to what I see in the things around me, to my own experiences, my own situations. I see cycles in everything. To everything under Heaven there is a purpose and a time.  The Bible teaches us that. Some cycles are hard. The passing of a loved one is a cycle. Relationships are a cycle. Seasons of nature are cycles. We see it all around us and can learn if we pay attention.  I always ask, what is it that I am meant to learn in any given situation. What is it that Spirit or God has to teach me through this? What wisdom is here, or what purpose am I meant to serve? There is a time to open doors and a time to close them. Everything happens for a reason.

The goals of this working are to help facilitate the changes you wish to see and to utilize the window of opportunity that you are given when you feel that you are on the verge of a breakthrough in your own personal spiritual path.  

There are often a lot of aspects of this type of transformation, when you are experiencing a "dark night of the soul" and there is a light at the end of the tunnel that you can no longer see, or something intangible seems to be just beyond the reach of your grasp.

This type of inner self-help work is also referred to as Shadow Work. This work can often be difficult, and the emotional toll can be so heavy that many people will put this off in a continuous cycle that never seems to change. Or they will focus on something else to avoid what they are needing to do within themselves.  It's not just going to go away by ignoring it, and it is going to have to be dealt with at some point or another.

If you are familiar with Tarot cards, you may relate to this process with the Tower card or the Death card as examples, along with several others such as the 9 of Swords and 6 of Swords.  For example, the Tower card looks like complete devastation - having the rug pulled out from under you without warning and watching all your plans go up in flames. However, we need to understand that sometimes the old has to be done away with in order to make way for the new.  Beautiful things can grow when the way is made for new growth.  We can rise from the ashes as a beautiful phoenix.  So in the past, I have referred this moment, when you're on the verge of breakthrough, or transformation, as your "Tower moment". This is when you feel like you've reached rock bottom and there is nowhere to go but up.  Some people think that they can push and break down another person in order for them to reach their "Tower moment".  However, this is not the case. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink, so they say.  You cannot bring anyone else to the realization they need to change, ultimately. You can help guide them, but it doesn't mean they will listen or are ready to receive that information or insight, or learn that lesson yet.  Spirit has to bring them there. And we have to sit back and watch and wait and help when and if we can without interfering with Spirit's processes. Spirit works in its own time and in its own way, not according to ours.

But if you have reached your "Tower moment", or your Dark Night of the Soul, this working can help assist you with transformation, facilitating and helping you to make the changes you wish to see within yourself. However, it does take some work on your part. This working isn't going to fix things and do all the work for you, regardless of what anyone else says.  Not only this working, but any working done by any Rootworker. Harsh truth, yes?  But it is true.  Remember I said you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink?  This is the same thing. I can't do this working for you  if you aren't willing to work on yourself, if you aren't willing to face your fears, or face your demons head on, and be honest with yourself if no one else.  You have to help things along and make the changes you wish to see. You have to be your own hero and stop playing the victim.  You have to want it and do something about it and take a good hard look in the mirror and decide you don't like what you see right now.  And want to do things to make those changes you wish to see happen.  And once you do.... WOW, the Universe helps you make it happen.  Spirit steps in and you will begin to see more clearly and feel as though you are coming out of a fog and can think!  And you will hear your Guides and your Ancestors, and you will feel as though you have a whole cheer section telling you you can do do it!  You are not alone. You are important and noticed.  Not just acknowledged and ignored. You have a purpose and you will now find it, or it will find you. 

To better understand the process and what prompts us to go through transformation, please read my in-depth blog post from November 1st 2019 about this subject here:  http://www.barefootwitcheryshoppe.com/blog/transformation/

Everyone's situation and needs are different. For example, you may need help healing from past trauma, or letting something go, or cutting ties with something from your past or even in your present, and to help you with your success along the way. So, the candles and formulas that I use with each of these workings are going to be different from someone else's, because this working is going to be about you, and the things you need to make changes with, and the things that you are dealing with at your level.  

This working is completely customized to your unique situation, the issues you are facing, and is tailored to helping you through these inner processes on your level. So each service is going to be unique, as you are like no one else, no two services will be identical. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the individuality of each person's soul, their needs, goals, their relationship with Spirit, and the obstacles they face. The photos used in this listing are examples of this type of work for other people; yours will be uniquely beautiful and meaningful.

Some of the formulas I use with this working are: Transformation, Chrysalis, Cicada, Radiance, New Life, and others for wisdom, clarity, spiritual guidance, success, energy, and will. I try to equip you with the tools you will need, and the means to chart this course through your own waters, help to overcome obstacles, and fears either real or imagined, courage, strength, and wisdom.

So, please tell me what you can about your situation and what you would like to accomplish or need help with.  I will also need your full name, date of birth, and photo.  If you would like to write a petition for me to use, the things you would ask the Universe or the Spirits' help with, it would be appreciated and helpful in assisting you to make this working as effective as possible.

You can email me with all of this information at sherry@barefootwitcheryshoppe.com


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