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Yemaya Oil, for Yemaya, Comfort, Security, Finances & Job, Children, Fertility, Dream Magick


Product Description

Yemaya Oil .50 ounce glass bottle. Crafted with Blackberry, watermelon, rue, coconut, and much more, with great respect and regard to the specific traits and attributes of Yemaya.


Yemaya personifies all that is secure and comforting in the world. Whether you think or your own mother or a mother figure close to you, there is usually a sense of happiness, security, and acceptance associated with that person which keeps us endeared to them forever. Yemaya wants to provide this for everyone who wishes to seek her help. Yemaya is a provider, a fierce protector, a soft voice of reason, a majesty of strength, and a strict ruler of human morality.

Invoke Yemaya for blessings, compassion, wisdom, fertility, creation, riches, inspiration, motherhood, female power, natural wealth, love spells, wish magic, sea spells, fertility rituals, water magic, women's issues, having children, sustaining life, washing away sorrow, revealing mysteries, acquiring ancient wisdom, protecting the home, learning not to give your power away, and comforting children in crisis. Invoke her as Erzulie for beauty, good fortune, and good health. Invoke her as Yemoja to cure infertility, as Yemana for rain, as Emanjah for teaching children, as Yemaya Olokun for dream magic and protecting babies in the womb; and as Yemaya Ataramagwa for money spells. Invoke Yemaya as Agwe for affection and blessings.

Call on Yemaya for:

◦Security in your finances.

*Help with recovery from grief

*Protection, especially for children

*Dream Magick

◦Security in your job.

◦Security, safety, and love in your home.

◦Children (if you are trying to have children).

◦Security and stability in your love life.

◦Marriage (if you are trying to be married).

She rules the sea, the Moon, dreams, deep secrets, sea shells, ancient wisdom, salt water, fresh water, ocean secrets, the collective unconscious, and the surface of the ocean, seas, and lakes.

She rules over the conception and birth of children and ensures their safety during childhood. Yemaya nurtures, heals, touches, blesses, comforts and make whole that which is incomplete. She is within you and you need only look inside yourself to find her eternal presence.

The cowrie shell is Yemaya's symbol, and fish are sacred to her. Seven is her number. Yemaya is celebrated on February 2 and December 31, when offerings are made to her. She is also honored on September 7, September 9, and on the eve of Summer Solstice, by casting flowers and votive boats into water.


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